About AfEA


The African Epidemiological Federation ( AEF ) was officially launched on 13 March, 2012, in Calabar, Nigeria. AEF was launched during the 2nd Annual General Meeting of the Epidemiological Association meeting of Nigeria ( EPISON ). The Federation was declared by Past President of IEA, Professor Neil Pierce. In attendance were the African Regional Councilor, IEA, Dr Kingsley Akinroye and the President of the Public Health Association of Nigeria, Professor Obehi Okojie. AEF delegates from Ghana, Cameroon, South Africa and Nigeria were also present. Over 150 participants from Nigeria attended the EPISON meeting.

Our Goals

Vision & Mission

To promote the vision and mission of IEA in the African Region


To promote educational and training programs through organisation of National, Regional conferences, seminars, workshops for all professional cadres and policy makers


Collaborate and establish linkages with other National and Regional organisations for the promotion of epidemiology in the African Region


Bridge the communication gaps across African Countries

Global Collaborations

Promote collaboration with WHO Regional and Country offices

Bridging Gaps

Address the language barriers amongst Franco, Anglo, and Lusaphone Epidemiologists at the African Regional level

The African Epidemiological Association now has over 200 membersin Africa who follow the aims of the Association to facilitate communication among epidemiologists in Africa, improve the quality of epidemiological research, update ethical standards and credentials for epidemiology, and foster the use of epidemiological research in the domains of public health and of clinical medicine.
These aims are pursued by organizing IEA – African Epidemiology Association meetings, focused seminars and workshops, training and educational programmes and by offering consulting aids and support in areas of Africa with special needs. The “Federation” type of structure explicitly recognizes the dynamic role of epidemiological societies active within Africa and intends to promote their collaboration within the IEA framework. Members are accepted without regard to race, religion, sex, political affiliation or country of origin.

Board of the AfEA African Epidemiological Association

Armand Nkwescheu

Lwando Maki

Adesola Olumide

Peter Nyasulu

Obioma Uchendu

Moleen Zunza Dzikiti

Akindele Adebiyi